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I feel…

George Washington at Valley Forge by Frederick Coffay Yohn

“For the want of a two-days supply of provisions, an opportunity scarcely ever offered of taking an advantage of the enemy that has not been either totally obstructed or greatly impeded. Men are confined in hospitals or in farmers’ houses for want of shoes. We have this day no less than 2,873 men in camp unfit for duty because they are barefooted and otherwise naked. Our whole strength in Continental troops amounts to no more than 8,200 in camp fit for duty. Since the 4th inst., our numbers fit for duty, from hardships and exposures, have decreased nearly 2,000 men. Numbers are still obliged to sit all night by fires. Gentlemen reprobate going into winter-quarters as much as if they thought the soldiers were made of sticks or stones. I can assure those gentlemen that it is a much easier and less distressing thing to draw remonstrances in a comfortable room by a good fireside than to occupy a cold, bleak hill, and sleep under frost and snow without clothes or blankets. However, although they seem to have little feeling for the naked and distressed soldiers, I feel superabundantly for them; and from my soul I pity those miseries which it is neither in my power to relieve nor prevent.” George Washington

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I shall rely…

“I shall rely, confidently, on that Providence which has hitherto preserved and been bountiful to me.” George Washington

Washington prays at Valley Forge

Washington prays at Valley Forge

Enjoy the best of the Olympic Peninsula and sense George Washington’s legacy at George Washington Inn.

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Ours is a kind of struggle…

“Ours is a kind of struggle designed, I dare say, by Providence to try the patience, fortitude, and virtue of men. None, therefore, who is engaged in it, will suffer himself, I trust, to sink under difficulties, or be discouraged by hardships. If he cannot do as he wishes, he must do what he can.” George Washington

George Washington at Valley Forge

George Washington at Valley Forge

George Washington Inn …an oceanfront country inn found between Sequim and Port Angeles, Washington

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